The Hon Neil Brown QC

Queens Counsel , Arbitrator

Mediator in Private Practice


The Hon Neil Brown QC is a Queens Counsel in Australia and has had a long and distinguished career in government and the law. He was a Minister in the Federal Government in Australia in charge of portfolios in Attorney-General’s, Communications and Employment and Youth Affairs. In the law, he has appeared in every jurisdiction in Australia and has had experience in commercial, intellectual property, town planning and taxation matters. He is an Adjunct Professor of Law at Murdoch University in Western Australia. He is a qualified arbitrator and mediator practicing in international and domestic matters in the commercial, communication, intellectual property and governmental fields. He is a leading arbitrator and adviser on internet domain name disputes. Representative cases include:

• International arbitrations on the sale of goods.

• A long series of arbitrations, advice, lecturing and tutoring on domain names.

• Two arbitrations on GST (VAT) relating to small business.

• Arbitration of a dispute on the international sale of goods between India and the United States.

• Arbitration of a dispute on the sale of Australian wine to the USA.

• Arbitration of a dispute between NSW /overseas principal and Victorian agent.

• Alternative dispute resolution hearing on the price of electricity.

• Mediation of a dispute on competing proposals for the development of a large tract of land in New South Wales.

• Mediation of dispute on the provision of fringe benefits under a group of remuneration contracts relating to Fringe Benefits Tax.

• Mediation on breach of service contract involving IP.

• Mediation of large construction dispute over steel fixing.

• Mediation of a dispute on restraint of trade on former employees and directors.

• Mediation of dispute between lender and shareholders and directors of company.

• Dispute on the terms of a consultancy agreement.

• Numerous mediations on quality of work, claims for extras and delays in works.

• Mediation of several disputes between a private health insurer and groups of private hospitals on the degree of reimbursement to be paid by the insurer to the hospitals.

• Mediation of several disputes between universities/research institutions and investors on the commercialization of inventions

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